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Friday, March 12, 2010

UFO’s and Human Evolution

Ancient cultures have encountered beings with supernatural powers and believe they have tampered with human evolution.

There seems to be a great enigma in human history and the evolution of the Homo sapiens. Have aliens and UFO’s been visiting this planet for thousands of years? Have they contributed in the past, even in a limited way, that has influenced our entire culture or have they purposely intervened with us on a evolutionary scale? What would be the consequences of those kind of actions?

Skeptics would say that ancient man has only been around for less than 500,000 years. They say that the history of civilization began after the mythical flood some 4,500 years ago and that the Egyptian civilization was the true start of “superior intellect”, and the beginning of great empires. But still others point out the Mesopotamians date human culture starting at 5,000 BC. The Bible speaks of human creation only a few thousand years ago. Archeological studies say a few million years of ape-like humans evolving and only counts civilization at less than 8,000 years ago. But which is the true history?

Here is a time-line list of ancient people and their civilization:

1. Aztec, 1400 AD

2. Inca, 1200 AD

3. Toltec, 900 AD

4. Mayan, 250 AD

5. Roman Empire, 700 BC

6. Olmec, 1400 BC

7. Greeks, 2000 BC

8. Egyptian, 5000 BC

9. Neolithic Era (Stone Age) 8,000 BC

10. Cro-Magnon, 35,000 BC

Has the human race only been smart enough to make a few stony monuments and civilization in a few thousand years of existence? Our culture today is accelerating to the point of nearly magical and human knowledge has again leaped forward at an alarming rate. We have the atomic bomb (the ability to destroy the world), we have the capability of flying over 40,000 feet, travel miles under the oceans, map the entire planet, and go to the Moon, Mars, and other planets if we wish. We can alter DNA and make computers with AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can think and operate independently. The ability to communicate half way around the world in mere seconds is made easy by voice command is now possible.

The question can be put as a hypothesis. Consider the advance technology we have today and demonstrate it to a tribal, non-technological culture of the past or even our own say just a century ago. The impact it would have. This could result in calling our use of common technology as “magical” and proclaiming us as “God-like” because we seem to have “supernatural powers” and using forces they don’t understand as they watch us manipulate our surrounding world with ease. We have the same feelings about encountering UFO’s today.

Edgar Cayce, America’s greatest psychic, had written about the lost continent of Atlantis and human history. In his extraordinary Life Readings, Cayce explains that this ancient culture spanning back 50,000 to 10,000 years ago was as advance as America is today in technology. Atlanteans were also very similar to America in that Cayce said they were very much aware about aliens visiting our planet. It seems UFO’s were in their culture too. But because of some great catastrophe, all knowledge, record, and advance achievements were lost forever. Much like the destruction of the great Library of Alexandria over 2,000 years ago which held the collection of all the famous minds and technologies of that time. A terrible loss that could have set the world back hundreds of years of known knowledge suddenly gone.

Cayce said this has happened many times in human history. The destruction of lands and people are constantly repeated on the face of the Earth. Death and rebirth. After the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis and it disappeared under the ocean. The whole world fell into ancient “Dark Age” and would not start to recover for another 5,000 years later. Scientist worry even today that if some comet, asteroid, or some natural ecological disaster equal to a nuclear war, would surely send the human race back to the “Stone Age“. Such disasters have happened on our planet before and could happen again.

Here lastly are some strange and mysterious a artifacts that were discovered that do not fit in our standard time-line. The ancient Grooved Spheres are mysterious metal spheres discovered in South Africa dating back to 2.8 billion years. The Dropa stones, are disks inscribed with text allegedly describing the crash-landing of an alien craft in Tibet 12,000 years ago. The Baghdad Battery, works just like a regular battery of today except this battery dates back 2,000 years ago. The Egyptian airplane, a small wooden object dating back to 200 BC resembles and has recently been proven to fly like a modern airplane.

Evidence is quite remarkable that perhaps the ancients have done it, seen it, and experienced it all before. But let us give credit and hope that in order to understand our future, we have to remember the past in order to go forward, if society fails to recognize the failures and triumphs of the past, how can we make the future any better.

Ancient Astronauts

Believers of ancient astronaut theory like Erich Von Daniken, author of the popular book, “Chariots of the Gods”, and Zecharia Sitchin, author of many books on the subject, both maintain that historical gaps and unexplained archaeological records can’t dismiss the fact that ancient civilization was far advanced in technical culture and aware of strange flying craft above their heads. These ancient people were also aware of the “Gods” or “super-beings” who that flew these air ships, descending from the heavens and sharing wisdom.

Zecharia Sitchin’s book “The 12th Planet” claims the Sumerians (ancient inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia in 4000 BC) believed the “Anunnaki” visited the Earth 400,000 years ago and interfered with human evolution, with the Sumerians in fact to create “royal offspring”. The idea of ancient astronauts have played an incredible part in human mythology and archaeological discoveries. Clearly ancient humans believed in mysterious Gods and highly intelligent beings visiting our world.

Every known culture today like Japan, America, India, Europe, Middle East, and from the past like the Greeks, the Romans, Mesopotamians and ancient Indians; have recorded in their history encountering “Gods” sent to influence or instruct the chosen people with secret knowledge and ideology. Evidence shows that these gods arrived from heaven in “chariots of fire” or “air-ships“, much like what we would call UFO’s today.

In Val Camonica, Italy, the ancient inhabitants who lived in the valley from the Neolithic

Period had left approximately 300,000 petroglyphs (rock carvings) of daily life dating back to 8,000 BC. Some petroglyphs illustrate strange beings floating with helmet-like gear on and this same type of rock carving can be seen all over the planet. Often legends and myth tell of strangers arriving in awesome ships of light or magical-power and resemble some of the same characteristics associated with close encounter of extraterrestrial beings.

Another interesting unexplainable clue is the Peruvian Nazca lines. From the air the lines (geoglyphs) appear like ancient runways and depicts huge figures that can only be identified in an airplane. Ancient astronaut theorist believe these God-like beings for whatever reason wanted to excel the primitive homo sapiens to a higher level of intelligence. Many ancient cultures postulate this idea that their “gods” created them and manipulated their race. The theorist further proclaim this fact as true, to help explain the sudden rise in human evolution over the past 200,000 years.

The most common belief is that humans are created in God’s image and this concept isn’t strange or new to us. This belief is ancient and connects us with God. But the ancient astronaut theory goes even further and states a much more common fear we face today: genetic manipulation.

Homo sapiens abruptly spring boarded forward on a evolutionary scale is well known in the scientific community. It is a strange fact but true nevertheless. But only today, in modern times, with our complete understanding of genetic engineering that we discover that it is possible to alter, manipulate, and control on a genetic level almost any living thing on the Earth. This could be extremely helpful in medical treatments and also highly unethical to alter nature. As a society we have just begun to fully comprehend how to manipulate DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid), a thought unheard of a century ago and only in the pages of science fiction novels. But the mere fact that most ancient cultures who encountered direct contact with their holy-deities, already knew about the genetic intervention done to them by these supernatural beings.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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