Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Travel to Paradise

Runaway to paradise islands full of adventure, sun, ocean, seclusion, and romance. Here is a shortlist of the ultimate islands near the Caribbean.

A Caribbean vacation can be just what the doctor ordered when one is seeking a vacation destination. Whether you're traveling with friends or family the Caribbean vacation can be an experience of a lifetime. For those seeking a fantastic spa retreat and a little extra pampering in a tropical paradise setting, than the Caribbean vacation is exactly what you’re looking for. A perfect setting for celebrating your first honeymoon or celebrating your anniversary, there are many Caribbean Sea vacation package deals to choose from and from hundreds of tropical isles to pick from for any occasion. Sun worshipers from all over the world come to the Caribbean islands to bask in this tropical playground.

1. The Caribbean beach. Surrounded by turquoise waters, romantic sunsets, white sandy beaches, coconut trees, sailboats, bikini-clad visitors, a perfect vacationers dream getaway.

2. Bermuda. Enjoy the quaint scenery with colonial architecture amongst tropical flowers. Visit the World-class Ocean spa at the Cambridge Beaches, perfect for holiday fun, deep sea fishing, diverse culture, pink sand, coconut-tree groves, golf course, and sailing.

3. The Florida Keys. At the Florida Keys enjoy boating, pristine beaches, fishing, museums, and visit places like Key Largo and Key West. See the sparkling blue and green waters of the Keys.

4. Belize. Enjoy Belize with its exotic waters and second world's largest barrier reef. A great runaway paradise surrounded by untouched lush landscape and natural beauty.

5. Dominica. Dominica has 90 miles of coast surrounded by rain forest, rivers, and mountains. Visit Victoria Falls, enjoy a boat trip on the Indian River, and take a trek on the Emerald Pool Trail or the Glass Trail to reach the Atlantic Ocean. Hike up the mountaintop to reach the very popular geothermal waters bubbling up at Boiling Lake. There are many alluring spots for visitors to see at Dominica.

6. Barbados, visit the Cran Resort, eat at the Zen restaurant for incredible sushi along with Thai and other Japanese cuisines. At Barbados you can sit back and relax and just take in the beautiful scenery.

7. Puerto Rico is another popular Caribbean destination. Visit the San Juan Waters and Beach club Hotel for a wonderful experience in food. Puerto Rico is surrounded by clear blue water and beautiful sandy beaches.

8. Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos, a private island complete with a spa and a breathtaking white sandy beach. Try the Shambhala Retreat Spa with their ocean facing rooms amongst this tropical paradise.

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