Sunday, October 10, 2010

Angels and Demons (Part One)

The description of angels and demons has been present in human history since the dawn of time. What kind of creatures are these supernatural beings? Why are they interfering human existence at all? And where do they come from?

In all of history nothing is stranger and more prevalent than tales of angels, demons, and godlike beings who descended from the heavens and encountered ancient cultures dating back more than 5000 years BC. Early writing from ancient cultures all over the world has described strange mythical creatures from Heaven. Appearing suddenly and imparting wisdom and knowledge, and in some cases their presence can signal death and instruction. But what is their connection with Mankind? Why are there so many stories and documented reports of encountering angels and demon-like creatures throughout human history dating back thousands of years?  Angels and Demons: What Do We Really Know about Them?

Pulitzer Prize author and astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan wrote in his book The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark about the reliability of the Bible and questions the existence of angels, witchcraft, demons, extraterrestrials, and mythical civilizations. He speculates that a lot of what we see in the world is actually misinterpreted and unsubstantiated facts related to a particular subject or event. Sagan doesn’t give much credit to eyewitness accounts that are depicted in the Bible and stories of angels and demons passed down by other cultures around the world. Dr. Carl Sagan is a known skeptic of most subjects without solid, clear cut, undisputable scientific facts, which could be proven true. However, he did correlate an odd relationship between encountering supernatural beings of the ancient past and the similarity of UFO abduction cases, even though he was a firm believer of the contrary.

The Old Testament claims that all these bizarre encounters with supernatural beings can be explained away easily when ever ancient cultures interact with angels, demons, and God. It is written God created the Universe, the Earth, Man, and the Angels. God created angels who were appointed to be God’s messengers and watchers, and he created the Human race as children in his own image. But what about other supernatural creatures from myth and legends, such as demons, fairies, witches, dragons, and otherworldly spiritual apparitions that has been mentioned not only in the Bible, but described, talked about, and feared in every ancient culture throughout history?

To fully appreciate the dynamics of angels and their role in heaven in relation to the human race, we must first come to understand the meaning of their creation. In the Old Testament and New Testament Bible angels mean “messengers” of God. In the Book of Enoch the origins of angels were created by God to be God’s observers of the human race and instill in us God’s virtues and righteousness. Angels are created in order or rank such as this archangel, angels, seraphim, and cherubim. Angels have incredible power and divine strength and do the bidding of God.

Angels are created to express God’s glory and greatness. Angels’ purpose is to commune with all of God’s creations and especially with loving guidance to Mankind. Angels give enlightenment and wisdom to those seeking it. Their radiance is made of peace and power. Angles protect us and answer our prayers of need. Angels communicate through meditation, prayers, dreams, physical manifestation, and spiritual visions. Through the power of prayer, faith, and conviction; angles work supernaturally to decree from the Source the desired outcome of your most urgent plea.

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