Liquid Pools That Shimmer

Majestic ripples. Waves of time spreading outwards. Timeless and hidden soothing the mind.

Blues And Greens

Wayward and alone. Agreed solidarity. Bold and beautiful. Creative and alive.

A View of Paradise.

Tropical pools. Bamboo trees. Rocks and waterfalls. The sun blazing high above.

Northern Lake

Misty mountain top. Lake of dreams. Enter the green valley and become one with nature.

Tree of Life

Never ask why. Fate surely has other plans for you when a mystic light is shining on you.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

That Which You Have Gained

Live in the now, let go the past, and do not worry about the future. It will arrive sooner than you think with new unforeseen opportunities close to your heart, embrace change, forget fear, and rejoice in knowing you know nothing for it will happen as it should, and be better than you could imagine - T.S.Garp


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