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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ancient Atomic Warfare (Part Five)

By studying ancient lore and mythology, scientists and archaeologists have discovered more about the past than ever before and given rise to ideas and feasible applications for knowledge and technology for the present. 

So the idea isn’t as far-fetched as it may sound that studying ancient literature may in fact lead to the discovery of a lost civilizations or ancient ruins never before found. Many researchers point out the fact that Plato’s account of the legendary island known as Atlantis could actually have existed 10,000 years ago, but could be completely buried under tons of ocean. Many investigators postulate that the legend of Atlantis isn‘t restricted to Plato‘s writing, but that many other cultures around the world have some kind of mythological legend of an advance civilization residing in the Atlantic Ocean that sound remarkably similar to the descriptions of Atlantis.

Many archaeologists debate the existence of Atlantis, but others clearly see signs geologically and studying Egyptian culture and ancient Indian culture have led credence to the fact that Atlantis could have actually existed and been a real place coexisting with these earlier prehistory civilizations. There is in fact hundreds of known ancient sunken cities and temples around the world that are unexplainable because they are perhaps at least 10,000 years old when the ocean levels were much lower than they are today due to the Ice Age. Newly discovered human structures have been discovered in the Black Sea, Turkey, which were once above water and estimated to be about over 7000 years old.

Christian theologist and Bible historians all agree that investigative geology and archaeology play a pivotal role in discovering lost cultures and ancient ruins from the study of ancient literature. Scholars of Sanskrit have maintained for years that the Mahabharata is a true factual history book that predates the Christian Bible by thousands of years. The ancient Indian epic has a wealth of information and describes a highly advanced culture waging war with other cities and using a variety of sophisticated weapons.

Is it possible that ancient civilizations have suffered some kind of global catastrophe and were perhaps leaving clues behind for their ancestors to find in our own time? Many cultures have legends of life beginning on the Earth at a much earlier time in history and that the world has suffered many natural climactic catastrophes as well as by the wrath of God. Could the ancient civilizations that are not recognize by the standard timeline putting human existence, starting at 5000 years ago, have purposely passed down written and oral accounts to their descendents, inscribing hieroglyphs and petroglyphs, creating monuments and temples to be discovered later for proof that a long-lost pre-history of human civilization existed as far back as 10,000 years ago?

Undeniable evidence and strange anomalies have been discovered upon using ancient Scripture as a guide map. Researchers and theorists stipulate that once mainstream science recognizes the value of ancient literature, which was once thought to be merely mythological in nature and works of fiction, will discover more than an ounce of truth and information that is accurate and proven to be true. Many believe the history books will have to be changed to accommodate undeniable truth about human history on the Earth.

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