Liquid Pools That Shimmer

Majestic ripples. Waves of time spreading outwards. Timeless and hidden soothing the mind.

Blues And Greens

Wayward and alone. Agreed solidarity. Bold and beautiful. Creative and alive.

A View of Paradise.

Tropical pools. Bamboo trees. Rocks and waterfalls. The sun blazing high above.

Northern Lake

Misty mountain top. Lake of dreams. Enter the green valley and become one with nature.

Tree of Life

Never ask why. Fate surely has other plans for you when a mystic light is shining on you.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dreams Encourage Us

Everyone has a dream. There is nothing like having a dream to create your future or the future you want to see. To dream is a splendid thing to ponder on the world during the day and night, and envision something not quite there yet, and suddenly mastering it, opening up the mysteries that held in secret for so long. Mastering your dreams and translating them into reality is like an artist breathing life onto a blank canvas, true creation into being.
Dreams and imagination set the foundation of our lives, opening the door beyond the mystery, without it we lack originality, becoming mundane and too rigid. By using the unstoppable force of our own faith with dreams can we create all that was thought of before as impossible into the possible. Keep dreaming and never stop.

Secrets of the Supernatural World and Tesla

Make July “Awesome Inventor’s Month” by celebrating Nikola Tesla's Birthday (July 10th) by remembering some of his most awesome inventions like AC power, radio, and wireless transmission. My new book Secrets of the Supernatural World covers a complete Tesla biography and list his most remarkable inventions in detail. Secrets of the Supernatural World explores our cosmic consciousness connection and examines unsolved mysteries from human history including UFOs. Secrets of the Supernatural World is out on Kindle Fire HD, iPad, and Paperback. Look for it on Amazon or your favorite online bookstore.


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