Liquid Pools That Shimmer

Majestic ripples. Waves of time spreading outwards. Timeless and hidden soothing the mind.

Blues And Greens

Wayward and alone. Agreed solidarity. Bold and beautiful. Creative and alive.

A View of Paradise.

Tropical pools. Bamboo trees. Rocks and waterfalls. The sun blazing high above.

Northern Lake

Misty mountain top. Lake of dreams. Enter the green valley and become one with nature.

Tree of Life

Never ask why. Fate surely has other plans for you when a mystic light is shining on you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbye Santa!

Happy New Year! Saying goodbye to Santa is a hard thing to do when you have so much fun during Christmas, but time moves on, and 2012 is waiting just around the corner. Arriving already as I write this down. Its been a wild and up and down ride in 2011 and I'm ready for a better year. Come on, let's make it a good one! Time to hit the re-set button and make those dusty dreams come true. With all the hype surrounding 2012.... forgo the doom and gloom scenarios, and never give up on your long-term dreams and focus on personal goals and improvements for the New Year, and make a better life with everyone you meet.

Where Did Christmas Go?

Happy Belated Christmas! Been so busy with other things and gearing up for the long holiday that I had no time to post on Mysticlight. Have been working on business details, other blogs, Tweets, and working on manuscripts. Spent a wonderful time with family and friends this Christmas season. Hope everyone had a safe and good holiday!


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