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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reviews Are In!

People are saying nice things about my book, I've already sold some that were my own copies on hand, and I thank them all very much for those who either bought the book online or directly from me and those that actually read some of the pages in the book, and told me they liked it. This book is full of heartfelt and inspirational stories and poems. I'm very proud of it.">Voices of Angels

A review from an reader:
Fantastic writing! You can tell the author (T.S.Garp) is a very compassionate person. The poetry is wonderful! I would recommend this reading to everyone - Margie

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Autumn, Life, Wisdom, And Holidays

 Its that time of season again. Autumn is such a great time of year. Everything turning either yellow-red-orange or snowy white. The major holidays are quickly approaching and a great time to be thankful for all that we have. Keep your faith, keep busy, keep walking, keep talking, keep in contact with dear friends-family, and do the things that move you! Be yourself and embrace this life. I've been doing just that and I’m also in deep writing-mode, I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like too due the fact that I’m working on two manuscripts that take up a lot of my writing time, trying to complete all my own deadlines, and this will continue for the next several months. A good inspiration is Steve Jobs himself, who kept working constantly and working on so many new things for Apple that we still have yet to see. Never waste your time with doing what you love, or being with the people you love, always be appreciative to the time we have, think different, and try to accomplish as much as you can in this life. Happy Holidays! Everyone! And many more to come! - TS.Garp 

Fixes and Changes

If you notice I’ve been doing fixes and changes to the Blog-look. Experimenting on streamlining, with color, links, and adding related shops. Basically cleaning house and trying to let visitors explore my (hopefully) intriguing information links and related items they might find useful. From spirituality, meditation, diet and nutrition, and even covering the subject of UFOs, all can  found in my article archives and listed free links on the sides of the Blog. Be sure to check out my other Blogs like Jabberwocky-Odyssey and the The Revolution. Soon to be posting information on my other major website based on photography and writing! - T.S.Garp 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Great Innovator Dies

Very sad news yesterday. Steve Jobs is dead at 56. He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs was the innovative co-founder of Apple and hands down an absolute creative genius who helped transform the world in the use of technology and affected entire industries with groundbreaking products and computers. The world has certainly lost a great visionary.  - T.S.Garp 
Here are some really good articles on Steve Jobs:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Serenity's Dream Has Arrived

I have been busy with wonderful deadlines these past few months,(I say wonderful because they keep me on track to completing set goals for myself) on so many fronts that I forgot to mention about my latest book. My book “Serenity’s Dream” has finally materialized and is on sell on the website Amazon.

This book is also very special to me because it stretches my imagination with tales of mythology, legends, fantasies, and nightmares, but it also paints a subtle portrait of everyday life with reflections on the observation of happy rituals and the sorrows of others. All in the book are heroes on a journey, undertaking a poetic, mystical adventure into realms of the unknown, and dealing with their courageous consciousness of existence from the challenges of life, be it some sad, and also experiencing the joyous reality of having self-worth in just living and creating and seeing. This book also contains poems never published before in print. Enjoy!     

Note: The click to look inside feature only works on

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My New Book Hits Amazon

I’m happy to announce the publication of my book “Loves Sages” being sold on starting this month. This book is all about the wonderful qualities of love, the joy, sadness, and romanticism of being in love, feeling love, and wanting love. If you are a fan of my writing than you are really going to enjoy this book! -T.S.Garp

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Accept Challenges

This is an exciting year with many goals and dreams being met and accomplished. Business-wise starting a new company is indeed challenging and after months of development and designing, we now have to undertake minor corporate changes to establish a better company than original. Never fear away from challenges and responsibilities to bring opportunities for you to step out of the box and accept any setbacks, oversee challenges and turn them around into your favor, and in to something better than was originally conceived.

The best advice I can give is stay your course and surround yourself with creative individuals that are on the same path that are aligned with your goals and dreams, and shy away from the naysayers and keep your dreams alive and pursue them with all your heart, never stopping, never giving up, because it's never too late, and there's no time like the present. Your goals and dreams are there waiting for you to act on them, never forget them, never lose sight of them, for if you do, they will forget you.

Keep a positive attitude especially towards other people and work well with others without making unreasonable demands. Remember that all our goals and dreams can be accomplished by first conquering the mind of the individual, ourselves, to be smart and humble, and have enthusiasm not only accomplish your dreams, but also to help others along the way.

T.S.Garp © Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved.

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude
Believe You Can--The Power of a Positive Attitude
The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset
Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want -- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Friday, July 15, 2011

Voices of Angels

Good Day Everyone! I am happy to announce the publication of my first poetry book  “Voices of Angels” prominently being sold on, 2 more books are on the way that are much more deeper and poignantly romantic, these will be larger volumes of poetry, and are to be published forthwith between July and August. For those of you who are fans of this author’s writing you know that my writing is always highly spiritual and mystical in nature. Enjoy!

Voices of Angels - A collection of poems about  faith and angels.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Completing Goals and Dreaming Big

 A lot of goals are being completed this year, a new business venture is created, long-term goals are being set, several of my poetry books will be published soon, an experiment really to test the waters, and plans for a Haiku poetry book way down the road will be coming too. Seems everyone is publishing those, including I hear the Actor who played Neo in the Matrix movies, Keanu Reeves.

I have so many writing assignments linked to business aspects and my own manuscripts that need to be rewritten, edit, polish, and later published. I still haven't gotten used to tweeting on Twitter every moment of what I do, every day, and would rather collect my thoughts, taking my time for a more in-depth blog or article or general statement of current events. The Mysticlight blog has also been delayed because of this. 

I love to write more about enlightening subjects and the mystery of UFO's, but I may opt to make another new, better web site in the future, and/or toying with the idea of writing books on the very same subjects I write about here on this blog. Anyone who has read my writing knows I will not disappoint there, but would try to do the best that I can in producing a book of the same subject manner. 

This is in line with my goal as a writer and every dream of every writer out there is to get publish on the various themes and topics that interest us and readers alike. So please bare with me as these last few weeks have been long and more Mysticlight articles are coming. Thanks for running!          

A Life Worth Living: Recording Your Values, Memories, Goals, and Dreams
Protect the Flame: A Practical Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True
The Oracle's Secret: An Inspiring Fable About Achieving Your Dreams
Yes, You Can...Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams

Monday, June 6, 2011

Treetrunk Writer


Dear readers, I must apologize for not being able to place timely articles and blogs of late. But I have been preoccupied with developing a new company with business associates that take up a lot of my time. Feel like I've been confined to a tree trunk with the a "Do not disturb" sign posted outside just so that I could concentrate on the many multitask I have to complete on schedule. There is no price for creativity, and the rewards are mounting up, especially working with an equally creative team, which is to say, I'm having a wonderful time developing  this new business venture. I'll be blogging again just as soon as I get on a more flexible schedule and adding more articles to Mysticlight. Thanks for visiting!

T.S.Garp © Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ancient Atomic Warfare (Part Five)

By studying ancient lore and mythology, scientists and archaeologists have discovered more about the past than ever before and given rise to ideas and feasible applications for knowledge and technology for the present. 

So the idea isn’t as far-fetched as it may sound that studying ancient literature may in fact lead to the discovery of a lost civilizations or ancient ruins never before found. Many researchers point out the fact that Plato’s account of the legendary island known as Atlantis could actually have existed 10,000 years ago, but could be completely buried under tons of ocean. Many investigators postulate that the legend of Atlantis isn‘t restricted to Plato‘s writing, but that many other cultures around the world have some kind of mythological legend of an advance civilization residing in the Atlantic Ocean that sound remarkably similar to the descriptions of Atlantis.

Many archaeologists debate the existence of Atlantis, but others clearly see signs geologically and studying Egyptian culture and ancient Indian culture have led credence to the fact that Atlantis could have actually existed and been a real place coexisting with these earlier prehistory civilizations. There is in fact hundreds of known ancient sunken cities and temples around the world that are unexplainable because they are perhaps at least 10,000 years old when the ocean levels were much lower than they are today due to the Ice Age. Newly discovered human structures have been discovered in the Black Sea, Turkey, which were once above water and estimated to be about over 7000 years old.

Christian theologist and Bible historians all agree that investigative geology and archaeology play a pivotal role in discovering lost cultures and ancient ruins from the study of ancient literature. Scholars of Sanskrit have maintained for years that the Mahabharata is a true factual history book that predates the Christian Bible by thousands of years. The ancient Indian epic has a wealth of information and describes a highly advanced culture waging war with other cities and using a variety of sophisticated weapons.

Is it possible that ancient civilizations have suffered some kind of global catastrophe and were perhaps leaving clues behind for their ancestors to find in our own time? Many cultures have legends of life beginning on the Earth at a much earlier time in history and that the world has suffered many natural climactic catastrophes as well as by the wrath of God. Could the ancient civilizations that are not recognize by the standard timeline putting human existence, starting at 5000 years ago, have purposely passed down written and oral accounts to their descendents, inscribing hieroglyphs and petroglyphs, creating monuments and temples to be discovered later for proof that a long-lost pre-history of human civilization existed as far back as 10,000 years ago?

Undeniable evidence and strange anomalies have been discovered upon using ancient Scripture as a guide map. Researchers and theorists stipulate that once mainstream science recognizes the value of ancient literature, which was once thought to be merely mythological in nature and works of fiction, will discover more than an ounce of truth and information that is accurate and proven to be true. Many believe the history books will have to be changed to accommodate undeniable truth about human history on the Earth.

Great Dialogues of Plato
Edgar Cayce on Atlantis (Edgar Cayce Series)
The Mahabharata (Penguin Classics)
The Ancient Egyptian Culture Revealed

T.S.Garp © Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ancient Atomic Warfare (Part Four)

The mystery deepens as more ancient cities are discovered around the world show classic signs of destruction by atomic warfare in ancient times. As outlandish as that may sound there is clear evidence to support this fact.

More vitrified ruins can be found in Turkey, the Middle East, parts of Africa, France, and Scotland. In 1850 an American explorer claims to have discovered melted rock remains of an ancient city in California’s Death Valley area. Ancient American Indian lore proclaims the area to be full of underground labyrinths that go on for miles and once inhabited by an unknown race of people. Researchers of ancient atomic warfare also see parallels of Greek mythology and Hindu mythology in regards to weapons of mass destruction described as thunderbolts from the gods and other incinerating weapons that can only be comparable to particle beam weapons, and nuclear weapons.

Ancient cities like Harappa and Kot Diji show signs of radiation poisoning by the soil being covered with radioactive ash from some unknown period in the past. Intense levels of radiation still persist enough to warn against long-term exposure in such areas. Archaeologist from all over the world has been examining these regions in India and Pakistan that show extremely high amounts of radioactivity. Skeletal human remains, fused-walls, and city ruins are all dangerously radioactive to this day and have been exposed to intense heat.

The majority of the skeletal remains found is amazingly intact and lay where they fell. Scientists know that when bodies are exposed to high levels of radiation, the bones of the victims barely decay and are left remaining for thousands of years, and animal scavengers will not touch them at all. The area of devastation and high levels of radiation prevent any disturbance of where the victims lie and are left perfectly preserved.

Most archaeologists investigating these unusual ruins are baffled as to why the inhabitants of theses ancient cities were obviously obliterated by some kind of catastrophe resulting in high doses of radiation. The Indian government has consequently forbid the general public in these areas of unnaturally high amounts of radiation. Archaeologists maintain that most of these cities were built about 4000 years ago, but because of radiation exposure interfering with the carbon dating procedure. The actual construction and destruction of the cities could be perhaps far older, and some scientists speculate, at least up to 12,000 years ago is probable.

Is it really possible that the sacred Hindu scripture The Bhagavad Gita and the Bible contain not merely just fanciful stories, myths and legends, but in actuality, real recorded events that actually happened in human history? By studying Homer’s epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey, archaeologist and historians have already successfully interpreted clues and geographical descriptions to locate the lost city of Troy as mentioned in the Trojan War roughly 3000 years ago to be found in what is now modern-day Turkey.

Indus Valley Sites: Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, Lothal, Rupnagar, Kalibangan, Dholavira, Surkotada, Bhirrana, Rakhigarhi, Meluhha, Kot Diji, Farmana

The Bhagavad Gita (Penguin Classics)

The Iliad (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

T.S.Garp © Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ancient Atomic Warfare (Part Three)

Legendary cities that were destroyed in the Bible and in the Mahabharata show classic book examples of being obliterated by some kind of an atomic explosion very similar to modern-day nuclear weapons.

Ancient history theorist and researchers looking for evidence of ancient Atomic warfare don’t have to look very far when they can clearly read the Scriptures in the Christian Bible about the annihilation of the biblical cities known as Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible dictates that God was angry by the sinful behavior of the inhabitants of these two cities and that God would send down a raining burning death to destroy these unholy places. The biblical story describes how the angels came to Lot’s house who is related to virtuous Abraham, and orders him to gather up his family and leave immediately, never looking back, under any circumstances, as God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone.

Lot obeys the command and quickly flees the city with his family. However, despite warnings by the angels, Lot’s wife dares to look back at the city in an act of disobedience, and promptly dies turning into a pillar of salt. The exact same warning can be said when viewing a nuclear explosion close up, the flash from a nuclear explosion is deadly, scientists say turn away, otherwise, blindness and instant death will occur.

As divine judgment was implemented by God on Sodom and Gomorrah, the descriptions of a massive of cloud of smoke and burning sulfur, and transforming in a flash anything within the blast radius into salt and ash, virtually leaving nothing alive in the vicinity for years to come, sounds to all intents and purposes similar to what happens in a nuclear explosion, with the typical mushroom shaped cloud spewing tons of dirt and debris miles into the sky, raining down deadly radioactive fallout upon anyone and anything that is standing too close to it.

Modern-day archaeologists have claimed to have found the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah, southeast of the Dead Sea, and seemed to vindicate much of the Bibles’ scriptures account of two cities totally devastated by tons of ash and enveloped by incinerating sulfur balls. Investigation of these ruins in the Dead Sea has discovered evidence that the remains of the cities were subjected to intense heat over 9000°F from above. 

 When scientists and researchers begin to examine the possibility of atomic warfare in prehistory by surveying the entire globe for any signs or clues they discover actual confirmation of that fact. What they find is startling evidence of unexplainable anomalies of vitrification beyond any known volcanic activity in the area and crater-like blast radius with high levels of radiation that persist today all over the planet.

Modern-day scientist are perplexed by the amount of glassy sand and fused silicon found in areas of rediscovered lost cities of ancient times known in ancient literature to have been targeted for annihilation by either God or some other warring race of people. Believers of ancient atomic warfare claim validation can be found not only in the pages of holy Scriptures, but on the Earth’s own surface as well, and what is buried beneath the ground for thousands years and some speculate perhaps even older, going back as far as 10,000 years ago cities that have been utterly destroyed by some kind of nuclear explosion.

Biblical Mysteries: Sodom and Gomorrah
Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Secrets of the Lost Races: New Discoveries of Advanced Technology in Ancient Civilizations

T.S.Garp © Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ancient Atomic Warfare (Part Two)

In ancient Sanskrit the Brahma weapon has been described as the modern equivalent of an atomic bomb. There is mounting evidence around the world showing perhaps an atomic war has already occurred on the face of the earth in ancient times.

In ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata, there are descriptions of men and gods using incredible flying machines and weapons, in particular, the Brahma weapon has been described as having the ability to melt people much like radiation does from the result exposure. The Brahma weapon once used was described as being brighter than a 1000 Suns, the land lay waste, and death to survivors. The same horrific descriptions are so stunningly similar to the descriptions of the atomic bomb that was dropped on the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II has to be indistinguishable.

Ancient cities like Mohenjo Daro and Harappa when excavated archaeologists and  researchers have the discovered skeletal remains of people scattered throughout the city, face down on the ground on ancient streets, with many of them holding hands, and as if killed in mid stride so fast by some kind of deadly force quick enough to decimate everyone. A great number of victims lay on the ground unburied and untouched by animals or decay. What is more startling and particularly unusual is that these skeletal remains are some of the most radioactive ever found and are compared to radioactive exposure to those suffered at Hiroshima.

David William Davenport, an expert in ancient Sanskrit, elaborates in his amazing book Atomic Destruction in 2000 BC, that his research has determined that some kind of atomic war occurred much earlier in prehistory and that he has discovered many other ancient cities and locations around the world that appear to have suffered the same kind of atomic destruction. Many of these ancient archaeological sites all show signs of some kind of an atomic catastrophe and are highly radioactive to this day.

The Brahma weapon was said to be as deadly and dangerous as to be used only once for its disruptive power will last centuries. The weapon was clearly a doomsday weapon and meant as a bluff or ultimatum. Ancient Sanskrit literature describes the weapon causes severe environmental damage as well. Any area where the weapon is used becomes instantly infertile for eons and all life in and around that area ceases to exist. It is said that men and women become sterile. The entire land becomes a desert, barren and lifeless.

This was the most devastating weapon ever created. Any country or nation using it would have supreme power over another and the burden of actually having used such a horrible weapon. Suffice it to say, the ancient Hindu Sanskrit was prominently recognized by Germany and Nazi scientists in the Second World War. The Nazi regime was scouring the Earth looking for ancient artifacts and forgotten knowledge that would help them win the war against the Allies. Many historians and researchers firmly believed that Germany’s top scientists have gotten their atomic bomb ideas from the Mahabharata.

 Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer was the Manhattan Project Chief scientists working on the atomic bomb in the 1940s, was a well-known reader of the ancient Sanskrit literature.  After the atomic test bomb was successfully demonstrated as a viable weapon to be use to end World War II, Oppenheimer gave an interview where he quoted the Bhagavad Gita, “Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.” Oppenheimer undoubtedly regrets in the discovery of the atomic bomb and its final destructive purpose directed at another city, and killing thousands instantly. He emphatically realized that it was as if history was repeating itself from the pages of what was once thought of as myth and legend, but now has come full circle into a horrific reality. When we study and interpret the ancient Indian texts in modern terms, with today’s technology, we suddenly get a clearer perspective that this could actually be a description of an atomic attack on a populated city.

The Mahabharata eerily describes the Brahma weapon like “a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns, rose in all its splendor. It was an unknown weapon, and iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes an entire race…..corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Their hair and nails fell out; pottery broke without any apparent cause, the birds turned white. After a few hours, all foodstuffs were infected…..” The amazing descriptions residing in the Sanskrit literature are totally reminiscent of nuclear bomb devastation and the deadly residual affects from exposure to radiation poisoning.

Is it possible that ancient civilizations thousands of years ago, possessed the same technology we have today that somehow was lost to history? There are mounting evidence and strange anomalies that point out the fact that ancient civilizations had perhaps possession of knowledge and abilities that we in the modern world have yet to discover and are just beginning to rediscover lost technology is becoming clearer the more we learn.

Mainstream scientists are still reluctant to fully acknowledge more recent discoveries of lost cities that  push human history further back in time than was thought possible. Investigators relying on ancient literature like the Bible and the Mahabharata have actually helped them to locate more ancient cities that push the start of human civilization beyond Egypt 5000 years ago to even further back in time to at least 10,000 years ago. The more scientists and archaeologists discover the more questions arise as to why and how. Is it possible these ancient tales and myths actually have some basis in truth? Researchers and investigators say the evidence is all around us and waiting to be unearthed.

Peter Brook's The Mahabharata
Mahabharata (The Condensed Version of the World's Greatest Epic)
Mohenjo-Daro and the Indus Civilization (3 Volume Set)
From Harappa to Hastinapura: A Study of the Earliest South Asian City and Civilization (American School of Prehistoric Research Monograph Series)
Secret Agenda: The United States Government, Nazi Scientists, and Project Paperclip, 1945 to 1990

T.S.Garp © Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ancient Atomic Warfare (Part One)

There are some startling clues around the world that corroborate that the Earth might have been in some kind of earlier nuclear war that coincidentally is described in The Bhagavad Gita ancient Hindu Scripture.

Evidence have been discovered that there might have been some kind of nuclear war that occurred thousands of years ago, before the Dawn of civilization as we know it has today. Incredible, recent discoveries over the last century has produced evidence and locations around the world to clearly show signs of some kind of atomic catastrophe occurring in those places that somehow happened thousands of years ago, before the discovery of atomic energy. How is this possible?

Back in 1979 David William Davenport, a British researcher and expert in ancient Sanskrit, wrote his astonishing book Atomic Destruction in 2000 BC. Davenport studied for years the Hindu scripture the Mahabharata that described cities that were completely destroyed by some kind of all powerful weapon. His investigation leads him to the ruin city Mohenjo Daro, also known as the Mound of the Dead, located today in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. Mohenjo Daro was constructed over 4000 years ago and is known as one of the oldest cities ever built. Archaeological remains of the city were rediscovered in 1922 by the Archaeological Survey of India and beginning in the 1930’s a massive excavation period began continuing again in the 1960’s, and 1980’s as further surveys investigated this ancient civilization.

Davenport was born and raised in India and was obsessed with translating the Indian Sanskrit into English and interpreting the philosophical meaning and historical facts retained in its pages correctly. Davenport‘s ultimate hypothesis and discoveries found at Mohenjo Daro were astonishing in that he concluded the city was destroyed by some kind of ancient atomic blast. Davenport states examples of different types of degree of devastation that occurred at Mohenjo Daro.

Davenport discovered a radius of 1.5 km of damaged which spreads from the center outwards, indicating a massive amount of intense heat unleashed a total destructive force. Archaeologists and Davenport have discovered bricks, walls, fused rocks, that had been melted, and “black stones” are the remains of ceramic vessels that have melted into one another by some brief intensive heat reaching over 2000°C. Davenport located an actual epicenter of all this destruction and found within this area were crystallized fused rock and looked very similar to what you find in the after affects of an atomic blast, much like what is discovered at the Nevada Test Site during their atomic blasting in the 1950s in which vitrification occurred from the melting of rock and sand so fast that it cools and looks like glass. 

What are most disturbing are the remains of the inhabitants that were discovered in 1927. Found in the suburbs of Mohenjo Daro lay skeletons of people who were lying flat on the ground dead apparently oblivious to the impending doom that was coming for them as some were still holding hands when they were all suddenly overcome by some unexpected cataclysm. The skeletal remains are in remarkable conditions and have never been disturbed, and show high levels of radiation exposure. Could this be evidence that the city Mohenjo Daro and its inhabitants are victims of an atomic blast from a war happening thousands of years ago?

Davenport and other researchers investigating the ancient Hindu Sanskrit in great detail believe so. They ascertain that the information described in the Mahabharata is so compelling with historical and philosophical information that dates back before the Christian Bible is worth further investigation and interpretation. What reads as science fiction and fairytales in the Hindu Sanskrit may actually have some bases in truth.

Researchers of ancient Sanskrit literature and theologist point out the fact that with better technology today we have been able to interpret and corroborate events that happened in not only the Bible, but the events that happened in the Mahabharata as well. Information obtain in ancient writing is not only relevant today philosophically and spiritually, but perhaps contains a lost technology that somehow the ancients had knowledge of that we are now just starting to develop and understand.

The Bhagavad Gita (Classics of Indian Spirituality)
Bhagavad Gita: A New Translation
Buddhism, the Religion of Mohenjodaro, Harrappa Cities
Maha-bharata - The Epic of Ancient India Condensed into English Verse

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