Thursday, October 14, 2010

Angels and Demons (Part Two)

Angels have been mentioned in ancient scripture as being our helpers in this life. What other roles do angels play in our lives and what types are there? How did some angels fall from grace and what happened to them?

What is the exact number of angels ever created? The answer to this question is well over 100,000 angels and some religious scholars would put the number even higher as being astronomical. For some believe God, the Creator, has imparted Guardian Angels to each and every one of us to protect and guide us in this life, and that number could be in the billions. The Book of Enoch goes on to describe that some angels sinned by desiring the daughters of men and these were cast down by God. In the book of Genesis, the fallen angels are identified as the “sons of God” or Nephilim who came to Earth with the intention of reproducing with humans. Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil: Why Church Fathers Suppressed the Book of Enoch and Its Startling Revelations

In the Book of Revelation describes a war between the angels and God in heaven. The main architect and leader of this rebellion were led by Lucifer, an Archangel, who has fallen from grace due to pride and jealousy. In the book of Ezekiel describes how Lucifer tried to exalt himself to the same position of God and to be worshiped as though he and God were equals. Lucifer and one third of the angels rebelled in Heaven. At God’s command the Archangel Michael and his commanding angel army fought the fallen angels and Lucifer, now represented as the Dragon in the Holy Bible, in a terrible war that divided Heaven.

In the Book of Isaiah describes what happens after the Great War in heaven is over. After the Archangel Michael is victorious over Lucifer, God casts Lucifer into the pit of hell and spares the fallen angels to a doomed existence in the depths of hell with him as well as cursing them into demonic beings for their crimes against humanity and God. Thus, the division is complete with some angels remaining in heaven above the Earth and the fallen angels residing within the Earth.

Even though God’s angels defeated the rogue angles in the initial battle, the war between the angels is not over yet. The Bible teaches us that this is an ongoing event. That the forces of good and evil are still being played out on the face of the earth between humans, God’s angels, and demons. Some believe this is the natural Cycle of Life. Whether by God’s hand or by some universal source has made all creations everywhere on a multidimensional level has taken existence in the form of energy or in this case the soul and taken physical form of matter as a secondary appearance is vulnerable to a constant cycle of life and death.

The destruction of life or the disintegration of matter which metamorphosis into energy is a common cycle happening again and again in nature. The whole universe can be locked in an Alpha Omega scenario. A universe where good (light) and evil (dark) forces are constantly raging war, not just within the Earth itself, but in Heaven as well. Ancient cultures clearly defined this aggression against one another for no less than supremacy of Mankind and the entire universe. But this Cycle of Life of the universe does not end there as believers of reincarnation ascertain that after death comes rebirth, and the cycle begins again. Reincarnation: The Missing Link In Christianity

This kind of theory is exactly what the Mayan culture believed in 500 years ago and that all forms of life go through cycles of death and rebirth. Some believe in the scientific community that angelic entities and God-like beings have descended upon the Earth much earlier than thought. For the accepted age of the Earth is 4.5 billion years old and some believe we have been visited numerous times by supernatural beings from earlier records older than the Bible.

Nevertheless, with regards to angels, it is clear that the belief of angels is here to stay and that they have had a great impact on our lives throughout history. From our most Holy Scriptures and tomes from every religious culture around the world, they have mentioned God’s messengers, the peaceful and very powerful angels that have guided and protected mankind throughout human history. Angels are part of our lives every day when we pray and meditate to our God. Through angels we have a better connection with God. They are intervening supernatural being that comfort, protect, and guide us through the most difficult of times.

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