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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ancient Atomic Warfare (Part One)

There are some startling clues around the world that corroborate that the Earth might have been in some kind of earlier nuclear war that coincidentally is described in The Bhagavad Gita ancient Hindu Scripture.

Evidence have been discovered that there might have been some kind of nuclear war that occurred thousands of years ago, before the Dawn of civilization as we know it has today. Incredible, recent discoveries over the last century has produced evidence and locations around the world to clearly show signs of some kind of atomic catastrophe occurring in those places that somehow happened thousands of years ago, before the discovery of atomic energy. How is this possible?

Back in 1979 David William Davenport, a British researcher and expert in ancient Sanskrit, wrote his astonishing book Atomic Destruction in 2000 BC. Davenport studied for years the Hindu scripture the Mahabharata that described cities that were completely destroyed by some kind of all powerful weapon. His investigation leads him to the ruin city Mohenjo Daro, also known as the Mound of the Dead, located today in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. Mohenjo Daro was constructed over 4000 years ago and is known as one of the oldest cities ever built. Archaeological remains of the city were rediscovered in 1922 by the Archaeological Survey of India and beginning in the 1930’s a massive excavation period began continuing again in the 1960’s, and 1980’s as further surveys investigated this ancient civilization.

Davenport was born and raised in India and was obsessed with translating the Indian Sanskrit into English and interpreting the philosophical meaning and historical facts retained in its pages correctly. Davenport‘s ultimate hypothesis and discoveries found at Mohenjo Daro were astonishing in that he concluded the city was destroyed by some kind of ancient atomic blast. Davenport states examples of different types of degree of devastation that occurred at Mohenjo Daro.

Davenport discovered a radius of 1.5 km of damaged which spreads from the center outwards, indicating a massive amount of intense heat unleashed a total destructive force. Archaeologists and Davenport have discovered bricks, walls, fused rocks, that had been melted, and “black stones” are the remains of ceramic vessels that have melted into one another by some brief intensive heat reaching over 2000°C. Davenport located an actual epicenter of all this destruction and found within this area were crystallized fused rock and looked very similar to what you find in the after affects of an atomic blast, much like what is discovered at the Nevada Test Site during their atomic blasting in the 1950s in which vitrification occurred from the melting of rock and sand so fast that it cools and looks like glass. 

What are most disturbing are the remains of the inhabitants that were discovered in 1927. Found in the suburbs of Mohenjo Daro lay skeletons of people who were lying flat on the ground dead apparently oblivious to the impending doom that was coming for them as some were still holding hands when they were all suddenly overcome by some unexpected cataclysm. The skeletal remains are in remarkable conditions and have never been disturbed, and show high levels of radiation exposure. Could this be evidence that the city Mohenjo Daro and its inhabitants are victims of an atomic blast from a war happening thousands of years ago?

Davenport and other researchers investigating the ancient Hindu Sanskrit in great detail believe so. They ascertain that the information described in the Mahabharata is so compelling with historical and philosophical information that dates back before the Christian Bible is worth further investigation and interpretation. What reads as science fiction and fairytales in the Hindu Sanskrit may actually have some bases in truth.

Researchers of ancient Sanskrit literature and theologist point out the fact that with better technology today we have been able to interpret and corroborate events that happened in not only the Bible, but the events that happened in the Mahabharata as well. Information obtain in ancient writing is not only relevant today philosophically and spiritually, but perhaps contains a lost technology that somehow the ancients had knowledge of that we are now just starting to develop and understand.

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