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Friday, April 2, 2010

Retired USAF Colonel’s Close Encounter With UFO’s

The amazing story of Wendelle C. Stevens, a retired Air Force pilot-turned-UFO investigator and researcher.

Ret. USAF Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens recalls seeing UFO’s in the Artic region back in 1947. Wendelle C. Stevens was born January 18, 1923 and served in the Army Air Force, in 1942. He was stationed at Wright Field as part of a large technical review program of captured Nazi air technical documents. After the war ended Stevens was then assigned to Alaska during that time the United States began extensive surveillance and mapping missions of Alaska and the north polar regions. Between 1947 to 1949, he supervised a highly classified team of technical specialists who installed sophisticated data collecting equipment aboard the SAC B-29’s. Nazi UFO Conspiracy

Known as Project Ptarmigan, a hi-tech research project, photographing and mapping the Artic land and sea area in great detail. After the war with Germany and the concerns of Russia, the US Military wanted to analyze all EMF emissions in the Arctic, to record, capture on film any and all anomalous phenomena, and keep a record of any electrical disturbances or engine systems from possible aircraft, looking for any external influences caused by unidentified flying objects.

Their efforts were not in vain and quite prolific. Stevens often received reports from flight crews about what pilots back than were calling “bogies” or UFO’s. Stevens was getting numerous reports on multiple sightings all the time. One report even stated seeing a UFO traveling under water, surfacing, and than flew away at a high rate of speed. He knew nothing on Earth could do that, no known craft with 1940’s technology could maneuver like that. To backup any claims all B-29’s flying these reconnaissance missions had a variety of cameras on them and they took numerous amounts of film footage. But Colonel Stevens states that all B-29’s captured footage of UFO’s were packed and shipped out to Washington, DC. Where Pentagon Intelligence personnel would take the film, and after that, no one ever hears anything more about it. 

Stevens was very intrigued by all the evidence being recovered by Project Ptarmigan. But everything was sent to Washington, DC. in a veil of secrecy and kept totally under raps. Stevens began his own UFO investigation while still in the military. He started collecting photographs and eyewitness accounts of close encounters. When he retired from the US Air Force, Stevens continued with his own research and collection of UFO reports. From his own UFO investigation over the years he has written and co-authored over 30 books on the subject. His private collection of more than 4,000 UFO photographs is unsurpassed. Stevens is well into his 80’s now and still has the unquenchable thirst to simply know the truth about what UFO’s really are.

The US Military and Intelligence Agencies consider UFO’s a National security problem. These flying objects can invade our air space and out fly our best planes. Any detail information about them is Top Secret and only those who need to know or have special security clearance can know the truth, compared to those who are out of the loop, including civilians and low-level non-security military personnel are kept out of the secret, and will never know.

Why are former Astronauts and retired US Military officers coming forward now to tell the public about what they know about UFO’s? Because now they can. The Laws are harsh and penalties severe for military personnel who expose the truth about the validly of UFO’s. If you talk, your breaking National security laws and could face prison time, and a fine, and other things to make your life difficult. The reality is clear: UFO’s are a problem indeed.

For the Intelligence Agencies who collect data and cover-up evidence away from the public, they seem not so much concerned that these could be real extraterrestrial beings, freely flying above our cities and doing who knows what? But agencies like the CIA are more concern about regular civilians and low-level military personnel eyewitnessing any kind of UFO’s in America or any other part of the world, who are not part of the cover-up scandal. If all UFO’s ever sighted were simply classified top secret air planes from the US Military, they wouldn’t want anyone to know about it either, while they test a new machine, it could be hidden from view for almost twenty years in development like the F-117 plane and B-2 Stealth bomber made operational by 1980 and revealed to the public in 1989. That kind of secret for a new fighter craft is understandable. But let the public know eventually. By cloaking the truth for more than 70 years is a bit excessive and unfair to the public. The Secret UFO Diary of CIA Operative Comm. Alvin E. Moore: Exposing the Existence of the Alien Skymen

But why cover-up anything at all? Unless, the powers that be have discovered something out there that is highly advance and technologically more superior then ourselves. With a level of sophistication that frightens the present day Air Force still. This becomes an International problem as well. If the technology is our own than the Governments of all the world should use it for peaceful purposes and break the code of silence. If not, then people have a right to know exactly what we are dealing with. Extraterrestrials, UFO, Nasa-Cia-Aliens Mind Boggling Theories, Stories And Reports: Anunnaki, Zeta Reticuli, Area 51, Abductees, Whistleblowers, Conspirators. The Real & The Fake

Astronauts and UFO’s

Famous Astronauts recount their close encounter with UFO’s.

The United States Military has a policy never to disclose to the public the subject about UFO‘s. They would rather never mention that fact that Military personnel and surveillance equipment routinely encounter UFO’s sightings. Former Astronauts and retired US Military officers feel free to come forward and recount their own personal UFO encounter many years after the fact. Military Encounters With Ufos

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, best known as the second person to set foot on the Moon after Neil Armstrong, has made a surprising account of his encounter with a UFO on the way to the Moon. On July 18, 1969 three days into flight heading toward the Moon, some 200,000 miles out, Mission Control received a call from the Apollo 11 crew asking a surprising question. They asked Huston where was the S-IVB (S4B)? The S-IVB was the final stage of the rocket which had been jettison away 2 days earlier. Aldrin said that at that time no one aboard Apollo 11 wanted to say a UFO was following them for fear that someone other than NASA might be listening to the radio conversation and certain public view might deem this a reason not to send space craft up in space at all, thus killing any hope of future missions of space exploration.

Astronaut Michael Collins tells Aldrin that he can see it through the telescope, describing it sort of shape like an “L”, and rotating. Huston Control called back and stated that the S-IVB was 6,000 miles away from them. Buzz Aldrin knew that was clearly too far away to be the strange object traveling alongside their Apollo 11 space craft. Officially, this UFO encounter never happened and wasn’t mentioned at all until Aldrin omitted it in recent interviews. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin had emphasized that many pilots and a few of his fellow Astronauts have been eyewitness to UFO encounters routinely while on missions.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper (March 6, 1927 – October 4, 2004) has had several UFO encounters in his lifetime. Cooper was one of the original seven astronauts in the Project Mercury space mission in the early 1960’s. His first was in 1951 while flying in Europe for the USAF, Cooper and several other pilots encountered a vast number of UFO’s flying in formation. This is very similar to what American businessman Kenneth Arnold had seen on June 24, 1947 while flying his private plane near Mount Rainer, Washington. He reported seeing nine brilliantly bright objects (crescent shaped UFO’s) flying across the face of Rainier. Cooper said he saw hundreds of craft flying exceedingly high, at a much higher altitude then they could get to. He could see they were incredibly large flying craft, but they were traveling too high and too fast to catch, faster than anything the Air Force had in the 1950’s. "Fortean Times" Book of UFOs, 1947-97

In 1957 Cooper was a project manager at Edward Air Force Base and supervising a flight testing project with a military camera crew when they encountered a UFO. The camera crew were out on the landing strip when they became eyewitness to a UFO landing. They were totally surprised to see a saucer shape object with a tripod landing gear landing near by. The camera crew picked up their equipment and immediately went in for closer look and kept their cameras rolling on the mysterious object. But very quickly the craft lifted up again, silently, retracted it’s landing gear, and accelerated at a very high speed away.

Cooper had the film developed and he reported to his higher levels of command on what was the proper procedure when dealing with this kind of situation. He was soon talking to the Pentagon and was ordered to send it straight away to Washington, DC. and not to run film. A courier arrived thereafter and took the film evidence back to Washington, DC. Cooper never heard anything after that, he did however get a glimpse of the raw reel footage without running the film. He held it up against sunlight in his office to get a look at the thing. The pictures of the saucer craft were dramatic and very detail. He is convinced that no country at that time had anything like that craft. He wasn’t aware of any US Military project or any new technology that could explain it. Cooper firmly believes the US Government knows more about these UFO’s than they are letting on. Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey into the Unknown

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Movies With Compelling Subjects That Ultimately Failed

Films that should have a compelling message released in 2009 are received in a lackluster way.

Interesting and compelling stories that actually have some basis is truth are being made into films and not taken seriously. Unless, your Steven Spielberg, a famous Director that turns almost every film he’s done into gold at the box office. You have to make the best film you can with the money you have and write a good script that works on many levels. Here is a film that should have been received much better by the discerning public.

Case in point, “The Fourth Kind” starring Milla Jovovich is consider a science fiction-thriller directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi. But the film is suppose to be about a real event that happened in Nome, Alaska. Fully documented by the FBI’s probing of the region for missing people and video sessions from psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler of traumatized patients who claim to have been abducted by aliens. The film mixes real footage with fictional accounts of what happened. The movie is rally scary, compelling, and if true really terrifying. But cinematically the movie has problems.

UFO fans will love this film and people with an open mind will consider the frightening possibilities. But the majority masses and critics have made valid points that the drama scenes, meshing plots of story, interwoven direction leave a less than perfect film. Instead, your watching in essence two films on an important subject of alien abduction phenomenon. Nay Sayers claim its full of clich├ęs geared to believers of UFO’s with alien abduction and lost memories retrieved through hypnosis, and nothing new to chew on. The film is shocking enough about abduction victims but public interest is low on this thought provoking subject and looked upon as old news. That alone is shocking. A mockery of what really happened to the distress people in Alaska who actually had a close encounter of the fourth kind.

The film could have been made into two straight movies, one documentary and one fictional drama based on actual events. But the film gets lost in translation, taking a real story with strange video evidence and mucking it up with actors playing the same, yet fictional scene, in the same movie. The film could have been made and promoted as the darker side of Spielberg's "Close Encounter of The Third Kind" in which people and the US Government make peaceful contact with aliens. A much bigger production compared to "The Fourth Kind" but the film would have faired better if made into dramatization of true events happening in Alaska. The Fourth Kind 

Another film on an equally interesting subject matter is “The Men Who Stare At Goats.” Directed by Grant Heslov from an adaptation of the Jon Ronson book of the same name. A reporter (Ewan McGregor) during the Iraq War meets “Psychic soldier" Lyn Cassidy (George Clooney) and discovers a secret U.S. psychic military regiment that uses paranormal skills to find and spy on the enemy. Also starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges. But the film lacks discipline and focus at times, and never takes itself too seriously. The Men Who Stare At Goats

The film fails at being a satire on a real documented subject about the U.S. military developing psychic spies. Full of good actors in a movie spoofing a real phenomenon known as RV (Remote Viewing). A bit of history about the RV program. The U.S. Government knew in the 1960’s that other major countries like Russia were doing research in using psychics as spies. By the early 1970’s the U.S. military at Stanford Research Institute (now called SRI International) had began serious testing with psychics and their abilities to see beyond time, space, past, present, and future events. RV can see hundreds of mile away at anything above ground, underground, and anywhere on the entire planet with a measure of accuracy. Russia and the U.S. military knew that psychics could kill with a mere “thought” as well. But the film takes a contemptible view at all of this and would rather show a bit of lunacy in it’s depiction of RV.

If the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) NSA (National Security Agency) and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) believed enough to used scientific protocols to develop and nurture this ability over many years, and discovered that everyone potentially has this power, than a much more serious movie on the subject should have been made. The great American psychic Edgar Cayce had said the same thing over 70 years before that people everywhere have this natural psychic ability. Cayce said that every soul is connected to everything else, the Earth, time, space, all dimensions, other souls, and God, total consciousness, all related, all connected. Nothing is unknown, but rather waiting to be discovered. Nothing is unseen but waiting to be seen.

The Remote Viewing program is a great topic and very true. What’s the ultimate all-seeing and time traveling machine out there that can go anywhere instantaneously? The human consciousness and soul-connection by way of Remote Viewing. The RV program has already proven that it can produce intelligence-collecting results, and can be verified, and be very accurate. You can’t hide from a psychic spy. Telling the truth would have made a much better film.

The Prisoner, on AMC cable TV hit the airwaves in the fall of 2009. The highly anticipated remake of the cult classic 1968 show fails to deliver the goods. The new version lacks the intelligence, wit, psychological, mind-bending, charm of the original. The new show seems lethargic and self absorbed. The problem is the era, today, and not the troubled 1960’s of where society was in conflict with itself and immersed in the Cold War, Government versus State, and young people screaming to fight the system where they saw their freedom being taken away and your reduce to just a number.

The original show was co-created by Patrick McGoohan and George Markstein and starring Patrick McGoohan as a British secret agent who abruptly resigns his job, and then finds himself held captive in a village. Taking first his freedom away and than his name. Given a number and no hope of escape his captors tortured and manipulated him every chance they could to get vital “information” from him. Nothing was more important to the old show than having your individual freedom ripped away and submitting to conformity. It made for good drama and was thought provoking. But no one is rocking the boat today and sadly, the new Prisoner isn’t making a convincing plea either. Better to watch the original show on DVD and learn what it’s really like to lose everything. The Prisoner: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

New Gadgets for The 21 Century

A look at new tech you want to have in your collection.

We are certainly living in the age of technology. Innovative designs and engineering breakthroughs are happening every year. New tech arrivals are just as exciting as a new car on the lot. Here are a few gadgets that are gleaming their way in the world market spotlight.

Remember the old computer mouse with the little ball and then replaced by optical
Technology using light. Useful but limited especially on glass surfaces and constraint on a doormat mouse pad. But advancements in tracking technology have finally arrived. Logitech Performance MX mouse can work on glass. This new technology is called Darkfield Laser Tracking. The MX features a scrolling wheel, a separate middle click/app switcher button along with back and forward thumb buttons, enabling quick navigation on Web pages. The current price will be available at $99.99.

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX includes back and forward buttons, placed within thumbs reach, and comes with a travel pouch. Available for about $79.99. Logitech is good at designing a computer mouse that can go anywhere, even on glass. Some are ambidextrous for either right or left hands. For an earlier design try Logitech Wireless M505 mouse at $49.99. Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]

Not since the 1930s cartoon gadgetry of Dick Tracy’s Wrist Radio and than later 2 Way Wrist TV phone has there been a reason to really get excited about the new wrist telephones coming out. The Watch Phone has been LG’s long-anticipated, world’s first market-ready Touch Watch Phone (Model: LG-GD910) with 3G capable watch phone. The GD910 touch screen is only 1.43 inches diagonally, and features LG's Flash interface, has a music player complete with a pulsating graphic equalizer, includes stereo Bluetooth headset and with high-speed HSDPA data connectivity, voice recognition features (speech-to-text and text-to-speech translation), making calling easier and set to sell in Europe first. Another major feature is the tiny camera for video telephony so you can see the person your talking too. LG engineers are still working on a Web browser for a final finished product. Action clips of this amazing phone can be found on

The Ear Force Z1 by Turtle Beach, is a new gaming headset, foldable, with noise-reduction ear cushions to help block out distractions. Priced at just $29.95 the headset includes an oversized, flexible boom mic, ten-foot cable with an in-line remote control
with volume and microphone muting. The Z1 can also be used with voice programs such as Skype and Ventrilo, and for watching TV or music with MP3 players via the 3.5mm connector. Check out the web site ( for more info.

Because of modern tech home viewing of Internet entertainment on their televisions has become a demand. Hillcrest Labs have created a device for people who want to merge the living room into the all-purpose room. The Loop pointer is the answer. The Loop pointer is a wireless in-air mouse that lets you control an on-screen cursor with hand motions. Unlike any mouse you've seen before, this has a round, ergonomic shape which features four buttons and a scroll wheel. Easy to use, simply hold the device in any position, and control the computer or TV screen, control online music sites, photo sites, video sites, and more. The Loop pointer can be purchased for about $80. at or check your favorite online tech store sales. Loop Pointer In-Air Mouse for PCs & Macs connected to TVs & Projectors

New tech also means going slim. Sony’s PS3 Slim packed with a 250GB hard drive will appear on retail shelves in November 2009 for $350. New super-slim TV’s from Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic are getting noticed. Panasonic touts its new LCD at 1/3-inch thick and Samsung's 58-inch plasma is just 1.1 inches thick, and one must ask ultimately how slim can they go, even plasmas are shrinking in size.

In conclusion, another good tech for writers is Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 software allows you to write documents, emails, search the Web, and even control your PC entirely by voice. Dragon 10 knows we speak quicker than we type and can handle the our voice with speed up to 160 WPM and deliver an accuracy up to 99 percent. Self-correcting spelling mistakes, Dragon learns as it goes, and is twice as fast as the previous program. Nuance has a special edition bundled with a Bluetooth headset for a compete hands-free experience. The Plantronics Calisto Bluetooth headset let’s people move up to 30 feet away from their computer while dictating. Visit their web site for more information at and check local and online stores. Tech is here to stay and we should have fun with it. Enjoy the new gadgets! Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard


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