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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Personality Development and Behavior Patterns (Part One)

Our personality and our behavior are based on patterns from past experiences that have affected us on the emotional level. Our unique personalities can actually dictate how we live and think, and even how successful we might become in life, business, and interpersonal relationships.

Everyone walking around us has a certain personality that is derived from temperaments, attitudes, environment, character, and experience. There are several components and reasons why people act the way they do and have unique personalities that are different from anyone else‘s. Some of the major components are social patterns, characteristics, and behavior learned since childhood. Some personality development can come from genetics that give us specific personality traits. There is also stimulus coming from the surrounding environment as to the development of a person‘s attitude in that environment that attributes to the development of the distinctive personality. Even social status and trends can impede or excel developing personalities.

Behavior patterns developed early in life and constant interaction with the world produces character and temperament. As we gain knowledge and experience, our personality can actually shift and change into responding patterns and develop recognizable traits from those experiences. Everyone has a unique personality and characteristics that is as much similar to others as they are distinctive. One of the key essentials to have at an early stage in life is developing behavioral patterns that are beneficial and cordial to an individual who is going to be inundated with other highly developed personalities that are very different from their own. In other words, a more amiable and positive temperament personality is more likely to benefit in the social and business world that an overly exasperated one.

There are many psychological aspects concerning with the subject of personality development such as perception, sensation, behavioral patterns, intelligence, and memory. There is of course a social psychology aspect that affects our own personality development. There is a term called peer pressure that greatly affects how some people behave and think. This can fall under a need to be heard, self-worth, low self-esteem, and simply wanting to fit in with the current or local social environment.

Giving in to peer pressure can be a terrible mistake and can lead to a mob mentality that has no control or any desire to be an individual with a unique idea. If you become fully affected by peer pressure and always bow down to other people‘s ideas then you have lost your individuality and a certain level of self respect. Having to compromise greatly depends on if this is going to be a positive or negative outcome, leading to either a benefit for all or a hinder to some. In life this can be a very important characteristic trait that separates the leaders from the followers. The movers and shakers in the business world, the doers and the procrastinators, the entrepreneurs and starving artists in the world all have a certain level of drive that started from early development of their personality that either pushes them forward or holds them back.

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