Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Completing Goals and Dreaming Big

 A lot of goals are being completed this year, a new business venture is created, long-term goals are being set, several of my poetry books will be published soon, an experiment really to test the waters, and plans for a Haiku poetry book way down the road will be coming too. Seems everyone is publishing those, including I hear the Actor who played Neo in the Matrix movies, Keanu Reeves.

I have so many writing assignments linked to business aspects and my own manuscripts that need to be rewritten, edit, polish, and later published. I still haven't gotten used to tweeting on Twitter every moment of what I do, every day, and would rather collect my thoughts, taking my time for a more in-depth blog or article or general statement of current events. The Mysticlight blog has also been delayed because of this. 

I love to write more about enlightening subjects and the mystery of UFO's, but I may opt to make another new, better web site in the future, and/or toying with the idea of writing books on the very same subjects I write about here on this blog. Anyone who has read my writing knows I will not disappoint there, but would try to do the best that I can in producing a book of the same subject manner. 

This is in line with my goal as a writer and every dream of every writer out there is to get publish on the various themes and topics that interest us and readers alike. So please bare with me as these last few weeks have been long and more Mysticlight articles are coming. Thanks for running!          

A Life Worth Living: Recording Your Values, Memories, Goals, and Dreams
Protect the Flame: A Practical Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True
The Oracle's Secret: An Inspiring Fable About Achieving Your Dreams
Yes, You Can...Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams



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