Monday, September 5, 2011

Serenity's Dream Has Arrived

I have been busy with wonderful deadlines these past few months,(I say wonderful because they keep me on track to completing set goals for myself) on so many fronts that I forgot to mention about my latest book. My book “Serenity’s Dream” has finally materialized and is on sell on the website Amazon.

This book is also very special to me because it stretches my imagination with tales of mythology, legends, fantasies, and nightmares, but it also paints a subtle portrait of everyday life with reflections on the observation of happy rituals and the sorrows of others. All in the book are heroes on a journey, undertaking a poetic, mystical adventure into realms of the unknown, and dealing with their courageous consciousness of existence from the challenges of life, be it some sad, and also experiencing the joyous reality of having self-worth in just living and creating and seeing. This book also contains poems never published before in print. Enjoy!     

Note: The click to look inside feature only works on


Congratulations! Thanks for great info & take care.

I am looking forward to have this book thanks!

Zero Dramas

I love the photo on the cover and the themes you're using. Will it be available on ebook?

Thank you all for liking my book and after many months of delay it is finally out in eBook form, and all my books got a facelift on cover design. :)


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