Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Power of Healing Music

Music has the amazing ability to nurture, heal, and inspire us.

Nothing brings people together or gives so much joy than music. Especially during the holidays, spending time and memories with family and friends. Music invokes feelings and memories of good times and bad. But most of all, music heals us in so many ways. The term good vibration is really true when considering music. The rhythm, beat, sound, melody, and mixture of musical instruments and voices singing in harmony. All this has an amazingly positive effect on the human body.

The average person does not have to be proven scientifically that listening to pleasant sounds or music in general, can be a healing, empowering, and uplifting experience. Even the simple sounds of nature, wind and water, can profoundly effect our psyche. The use of music can be a transformative sensation to the mind, body, and soul. Music can bring a universal connection to all people, bridging gaps, generations, understanding, giving hope, and healing. Sound Medicine: Music for Healing

The power of healing music is well documented. Reiki Masters often use music for spiritual healing and in meditation. For thousands of years all culture have embraced the sounds of music to enlighten, inspire, promote a healing power, and bring the people together in songs and sounds. What benefits can music give? Music can reduce stress and anxiety. Music can help lower heart rate, blood pressure, keep you young, and happier than before. Known as music therapy, this healing music is helpful to those suffering any cognitive, physical, psychological, social, and emotional problems. Healing music can produce a positive change and give the individual a sense of well-being, improving health, and comfort. Reiki Chakra Music Attunement

The scientific community has recognized the positive results of music therapy. The American Music Therapy Association formed in 1950 have made standards and procedures to cover how music effects the anatomy, psychology, and physiology of patients. Most importantly music therapy is used in cancer treatments to reduce anxiety, pain, and nausea. Some treatment involves a composition or performing a pre-composed music such as a popular song and singing aloud. Depending on the musical treatment center and patient, “passive” or “receptive” treatments can also be done of listening to enjoyable sounds and optimistic music.

Music therapist use music to enhance the quality of life and health of their patients. Discoveries have shown that music can alter and heal parts of the brain. Stroke patients and people with Parkinson’s disease can actually move and walk better after listening to music. The benefits is for all ages, early exposure to music can have a very positive impact on young people, and help with brain development. So you are never too old for music therapy.

What type of music is good to listen to? The type that makes you feel good inside. Music that enhances your mood and gets your heart pumping. There are many different kinds of music and the choices today are limitless. Choosing sounds and songs that have a connection to the positive universal beat of an emotion, feeling, memory, and our relationships is ideally a good choice. One particular musical band is very popular in treating cancer patients is the Beatles. Originating in the turbulent 1960’s, full of strife and war, disillusion youths found hope and meaning from four guys from Liverpool singing about love and peace. Healing and Relaxing Power of Stress Relief By Meditation Music

Check your local music store or for some of the best healing music to listen to. Here are a few listed artist that really give us a sense of bliss. This list is far from complete, and other great musical artist from around the world should be experienced, and enjoyed just as much.

1. Chant - Music For The Soul

2. Elvis Presley -Ultimate Gospel

3. Beatles -Love

4. Stevie Wonder -The Definitive Collection

5. The Moody Blues -In Search Of The Lost Chord

6. Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole - Facing Future

7. Simon and Garfunkel -Greatest Hits

8. Bing Crosby -White Christmas

9. Karunesh -Call OF The Mystic

What is the real secret of music and it‘s effects? Everything in the known universe resonance and vibrates. This is true for healing energy and music. A higher frequency equates to a loving-peaceful vibration level of existence, in essence music makes us feel good and happy, and that brings us closer to a healthier body and mind, and giving our soul a connection to the natural rhythm of the universal Oneness.



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