Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Magnetically Treated Water

The power of magnetism and the healthful benefits it offers.

The benefits of drinking magnetically treated water is quite amazing when you discover the facts and realize it’s healthful properties. Much like the Alkaline-Acid diet it is very important to hydrate properly and using the right alkaline waters for maximum health benefits. Common options are distilled water, mountain spring water, carbonated water and treated drinking water. Water is essential for maintaining good health, making up nearly 70% of the human body, water is a vital factor of our health, and helps prevent corrosion, and restoring our body‘s pH balance. Choosing the right quality and content of water is optimum for better health to help flush the body of toxins and acidic wastes. The pH Balance Diet: Restore Your Acid-Alkaline Levels to Eliminate Toxins and Lose Weight

Magnetic water treatment or MWT is commonly used to treat domestic water provisions as well as commercial and industrial applications as in cooling units and boilers to fight water hardening. Installing a magnetic system within the pipes enables the interactions with dissolved solids in water that hold and attract hardening minerals like Magnesium and calcium. But the benefits don’t stop there. Setting up a magnetic field and magnetically treating irrigation water can actually help with productivity in boosting plant growth.

Extraordinary discoveries were made as far back as 1936 on the laws of magnetism and have advanced even further by two leading researchers. Albert Roy Davis a professor from Nova Scotia who taught aerodynamics, physics, and electronics. Dr. Walter C. Rawls, Jr., scientist, lawyer, and author. He co-founded and developed “unipolar magnetics.“ He has authored books on applied science, history, and law. Holds over 40 patents and has co-authored books on Bio-Magnetics technology. The Davis/Rawls books fully explains the incredible discoveries of how the magnetic force can affect all living things. From years of testing and investigation have demonstrated an understanding of overcoming many health problems. Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System

“Magnetism and It’s Effects on the Living System,” is the first book by Davis and Rawls. This is a brilliant book on how magnetism affects every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat, the air we breath, and the water we drink. The book explains how to heal yourself with magnetism, covers nutrition, what we eat, what we drink, negative ions, and how a vast number of aliments can be conquered from simply using natural methods to heal and restore balance. Mainstream science hasn’t fully embraced the significance of medical magnetism even though the documentation clearly shows favorable results. Magnetism can treat a variety of complaints with no ill effects.

Other good books on Biomagnetics is “The Magnetic Blueprint of Life” and “The Magnetic Effect” both by Davis and Rawls. These also covers the danger of how the world is already being saturated by positive electromagnetic energies. How our environment is at risk by radios, power lines, cell phone towers. These books are a wake up call to take notice of the highly technological world we now live in and how that is effecting human beings today. Most of these books can be located at your local book store or Amazon.com for $10-$15. The Magnetic Effect

What are the benefits of drinking magnetically treated water?

1. Better taste

2. Reduced acidity which helps regulate body pH.

3. Aids in detoxing and internal cleansing of the body.

4. Promotes better digestion, drink daily before meals to help stomach

problem and gives therapeutic aid to the urinary system.

5. Has been know to reduce swelling and relieves pain.

6. Helps to reduce kidney stones.

7. Beneficial for those suffering with gout, obesity, and kidney problems.

8. Magnetized water has been reported to help clear clogged arteries,

 normalize the circulatory system, and regulate heart function.

9. Helps the autonomic system.

10. Can help as a cleansing agent for burns, acne, boils, and bedsores.

11. Reduce dry eyes by rinsing with magnetically treated water.

12. Helps relieves the symptoms of acidosis.

Magnetically ionized water is also of great therapeutic value. Daily drinking of magnetized water gives energy to the body, stimulates brain activity, and reduces acidity. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of joint pain. Drinking plenty of water can help reduce stress and make the body feel better.

Another good book is by the nation’s leading magnet experts of today is William H. Philpott, M.D., Dwight K. Kalita, Ph.D., and Burton Goldberg. Their book “Magnet Therapy: An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide,” is a complete guide to using magnets in the cure of disease and prevention. Providing a wealth of information (covering over 35 foremost health conditions), the use of ancient techniques, the history of healing with magnetics goes back thousands of years, and explaining that almost everything around us produces a magnetic field, including the human body, and how magnetism can stimulate the body to maintain health. Published by Alternativemedicine.com books. Magnet Therapy : An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide

Water was a lot better for us thousands of years ago. The properties of water molecules were more “biologically alive,” less surface tension, more dissolvability, more oxygen content, and had more permeability. Water today is far less cleaner and less beneficial then you might think despite all the chemicals added to kill germs and hide the taste. Water today has more chaotic molecules and less natural magnetic properties because of industrialization and pollution done to nature.

What can you do to have the health benefits of magnetically treated water? There are many products online that can help in making magnetically ionized water. Try the Magnetictherapysales.com for all kinds of magnetic items or this link: http://www.magnetictherapysales.com/Cats.asp?categoryID=7 to buy the Magstir ($9.95) for small drinks. The small simple “Magstir” (Magnetic Drink Stirrer) can be used on any fluid, used anywhere, made of stainless steel and ultra power magnet of 3800Gs. This will enable you to drink magnetically treated water everyday and your body will receive enhance energy and build your immune system to fight off diseases. Magnetic water has proven to give vitality and promote optimum health. It does a body good.



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