Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Internet TV (The Evolution of Internet Television)

Television was once just for viewing channels for entertainment and news, but coming very soon will make TV much more complex than just watching channels.

The simple Television our grandparents knew is gone forever. The once simple box in the corner of the living room is turning into the all-in-one telecommunication-entertainment-information machine. The Federal Communications Commission is planning to combine fully the TV and Internet capacity with a very short time in the future. But what does that actually mean today?

TV was fist broadcast experimentally as far back as 1920. Many Americans were enjoying TV for the first time in their homes in the 1950’s as production accelerated after World War II. More TV sets were made in the 1960’s than were new homes being built. Within a short time TV became part of our national telecommunication’s device, a “must have” in businesses and homes. Much like the radio and telephone had become before it. TV showed us the world from news reports coast to coast and beyond. Giving us a live picture of day to day life all over the entire planet. People could simply see it on the Tele instantly and watch their favorite television stars.

Computers were next on the horizon. Thanks to pioneers like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who managed to successfully and swiftly put into all domestic homes in America, a home computer. With the introduction of a fully functional Internet connection years later, making worldwide access to anything, and the full range went beyond predictions. The computer was soon set to do it all in the name of entertainment and worldwide communication. That left the lowly TV in the dust. The TV was the main source for information and news, next to the newspaper, a nearly forgotten media. LG 42LD550 42" Internet-ready 1080p LCD HDTV with 120Hz blur reduction

What the FCC wants to create is having Internet access on every television by way of special cable boxes offering customers a variety of multimedia options from completely integrating TV and the computer. But this does not stop there. This opens the door to transforming the TV into a major all-in-one device. Turning the TV into your home computer, movie entertainment, gaming platform, world news receiver, and function like telephone. Finally making the TV an all-purpose machine as seen in so many sci-fi movies. You may never have to leave the TV room ever again, for it will be able to complete all your task with just the flick of a remote control. Many people see this as advantageous with more and more computers operating as home base businesses and entertainment outlets. The FCC clearly wants everyone online via television. Sony KDL-40EX40B 40" BRAVIA® Internet-ready 1080p LCD HDTV with built-in Blu-ray Disc player

The FCC plans to help usher in new laws so that broadband Internet is available to every American and requiring that all cable boxes are compatible with all phone companies, satellite, cable, and work with all networks. The cable companies realize the market is rapidly changing and they will comply. The Telecommunication Act of 1996 passed by Congress to deregulate telecom markets is finally being fulfilled. All consumers will soon be able to be Internet-TV ready very soon. LG 55LD650 55" Internet-ready LCD HDTV with 240Hz blur reduction



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