Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feng Shui, Living in Harmony

Using Feng Shui with arrangement, placement, and color, can help build a well-balance, comfortable living environment.

Feng Shui, pronounced “fung-shway” in English, is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, governing the laws of Heaven and Earth. Literal meaning is “wind and water”. This Taoist belief system was developed by China over 3,000 years ago to understand the natural forces of the land and water, giving helpful knowledge to people seeking good fortune, health, and awareness of lands and places that have good Chi. The goal here is to live in harmony within our environment. Feng Shui Your Life

In ancient times the Chinese used a very complex Feng Shui compass called the “Lo-Pan”. Which means “everything bowl”, a way to comprehend the unknown universe surrounding you. The compass was usually made of tiger bones, hand painted, and set with over forty intricate rings of information. Less expensive compasses can be bought today and work just as well.

A Feng Shui practitioner, using the compass can determine the Bagua of a home or business site. The Bagua means “correct-positive energy center.” This main tool of Feng Shui uses nine areas of life that are enhanced when in preferred locations. The nine are health, knowledge, creativity, family, wealth, career, reputation, partnership, and helpful people. Finding the Bagua in your living space and in your life in general is good for bringing harmony and balance. Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui

Feng Shui principles and tools for health, wealth, and power were a much guarded secret strictly for the imperial dynasties. The knowledge was held by Feng Shui masters, respected astronomers and scientists. Feng Shui is not a religion but works well with them for seeking a more philosophical, and spiritual pursuit. It has a combination of Confucianism, Taoism, Chi holistic energy, Yin-Yang, I-Ching, and Buddhism. Henceforth, the Buddhist build great temples and massive bells using the Feng Shui geomancy system. Almost 200 years ago Feng Shui was introduce to America. Feng Shui was gaining appeal for incorporating astronomy, astrology, geographical location, forces of nature, and metaphysical concepts.

What are the benefits of Feng Shui? This ancient Chinese philosophy can help us uncluttered our surroundings, giving a comfortable, well-balance atmosphere to live and work in. Feng Shui can harness the positive natural forces to help bring about positive outcomes and harmony. Feng Shui is not supernatural but more logical in it’s ability to bring forth good energy and improve your luck by simply designing an area that’s aligned with beneficial Heaven and Earth chi. The word Chi, means “life force” or “energy flow” that needs to breath and flow, keeping everything in constant equilibrium for a healthy existence. In Feng Shui placement is everything, physical location, shape, color, arrangement, indoors, outdoors, all must be in balance and have a complementary Yin and Yang. I Ching for Beginners: A Modern Interpretation of the Ancient Oracle (For Beginners (Llewellyn's))

Who is using Feng Shui today? Many famous celebrities use Feng Shui for health, prosperity, and success. Just to name a few are Bill Gates, Madonna, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Tommy Hillfinger, Richard Branson, and Donald Trump. The most noticeable is Donald Trump who contributes some of his business success by hiring Feng Shui masters to eliminate negative Chi and protect his top investments by building his structures that are in harmony with nature, and Feng Shui teachings. The practice of Feng Shui is worldwide. In exotic Hong Kong, for instance, has given riches and international attention for using architectural designs and harmonizing the energy of the landscape using the principles of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui and the average person. Living through Feng Shui can help in all aspects of your life including career, opportunities, happiness, health, and prosperity. Today, there are many traditional Feng Shui discussion groups, books, tools, stores, consultant services, schools, and the internet all offering advice on Feng Shui living. But to fully understand and appreciate the science and principles of Feng Shui consult a master. A well trained and knowledgeable Feng Shui practitioner can run complicated mathematical calculations for homes or businesses, giving those who want a leg up on prosperity and a healthy balance. Feng Shui: Music For Balanced Living

In conclusion with regards to Feng Shui, there has come some criticism from those having no faith in something seemly mystical and not tested scientifically. Yet Architects and Environmental scientists study Feng Shui techniques and methods all the time. So even with the best common sense used in designing dwellings or in our own life, even with best intentions, we need help sometimes to better organized what we have created. This is proof that Feng Shui does work as a belief system and tool to create serenity in life, homes, gardens, cities, and office living. Everyday, people are realizing the added benefits of this ancient positive philosophy. Feng Shui: The Living Earth Manual



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