Friday, January 21, 2011

Personality Development and Behavior Patterns (Part Two)

Our personality and our behavior are based on patterns from past experiences that have affected us on the emotional level.

Ultimately, we have to take an assessment of our own developing personality and discover what’s motivating us. When psychologists research this type of question regarding what drives us, the answer usually comes up to be on an emotional level. Emotion can greatly affect your motivation in so many ways. Your mind may be the builder, the thinker, the architect, but your emotions express your true feelings, your dreams, and your desired goals. Emotions and motivation can play a pivotal part in how you conduct your life and experience of it.

To paraphrase the late great, Eunice Kennedy, “Never try to stop someone in pursuit of their dreams, only try to encourage them to do the best they can, completed in a reasonable amount of time, and move on to the next journey”. This is truly words to live by, most parents and teachers get this, but there are still those few, friends, rivals, and certain relatives, that fail to impart and encourage you to actively pursue your dreams. This could be a tragic mistake in the development of a young personality into adulthood who suffers from a lack of needed encouragement to pursue a dream. The world would surely lose a future doctor, scientists, humanitarian, actor, artists, writer, philosopher, and perhaps future president of a great nation.

Statistically it is known that a great majority of people are not living out their desired goals and dreams. There is a sad but true consensus that nobody is truly happy with their present job. Many people are disconnected emotionally with the jobs they find themselves doing and realize they are not satisfied or happy with it. Finding yourself in a career that is only motivated out of necessity, in an unhappy environment, stifling your individuality and creativity can only lead to depression, dissatisfaction, and disillusionment. Positive action is needed and fears need to be gone. Associating with other people that have similar goals and ideas can be a great motivator. Working with similar minds and attitudes in an environment that is advantageous to success and emotionally fulfilling can only lead to accomplishing your goals quicker.

Understanding your own personality traits and what truly motivates you can help determine your true purpose and unlock the fear of goals and endeavors that truly moves you. Look at the real reason why you’re inspired by something. Is the reason an emotional one or by something else? Are you motivated by a love? Money? Self worth? Competition? Having a healthy competitive attitude is a good personality trait to have that helps give you a needed push for growth, but having an overly aggressive competitive nature can be misguided, and often very costly.

Deciphering the real reasons that make up your personality and motivation is the key. Why did you decide to buy that particular house? Why did you buy that particular car and color? Why did you decide to marry that person and not the other? What characteristics are you attracted to that you see in other people that affect your emotions? How did you decide to pick this particular career versus doing some other kind of job? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself, in an open and honest manner, regarding personality traits, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-motivation. Discovering what truly inspires your personality on an emotional level, can guide you to a more satisfying outlook on life and personal endeavors.

There are many psychological theories that debate on what really motivates people and how they are affected by internal drives that determined their choices in life. On a completely emotional level, what really motivates us in achieving a desired goal is based solely on what’s beneficial, pleasurable, and gives us a feeling of accomplishment that is comforting and rewarding at the same time. Nevertheless, it is your indelible personality and your emotional state of being, that will ultimately decide how you view your past, how you live in the present, and how you see yourself in the future.

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