Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Mystic Edge Connection

The last couple of months have been a busy-blur. Designing new blogs and websites. I've finally been able to list all of my favorite online stores like Mystic Edge, Book, Camera, and Kindle/Computer shops at the top of all my web pages. I'll be listing more as they come in from Beta mode. The Mystic Edge Zazzle shop is operational and being redesigned. The ME Café Press shop business is doing well and looks hopeful. More designs are coming in the future. All stores listed on my blogs are quite interesting and have competitive prices and tons of items to shop over. Most of these shops were active months ago, but everything is always in a work in progress mode. From Amazon books to the Mystic Edge online clothing store.

The Mystic Edge philosophy believes in that all things fall under the realm of unlimited possibilities and that we can gain insight into mysteries, transcending our hearts, and mind; going beyond ordinary human knowledge, becoming divine, using intuition, faith, and love until we reach a state of spiritual ecstasy. A very positive place.

Just a reminder that I also have listed some other excellent stores like the Book Shop, Buddha Shop, Cultural Shop, The Chess Shop, Unique Vintage Shop, and Modnique Shop at the top of this website. Other shops are coming to the Mystic Light Blog.


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