Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Sea Summer Chronicles

Start your day serenely! It's never to late to embrace a new day and start again - Toci, Toltec Wisdom * With those positive words I begin to reflect on the joy of another summer and as the temperature rises thoughts of beachcombing for seashells, swimming, spending time with family and friends, more barbecues, summer movies, music, and trips, all of which I‘m looking forward to. I must admit upon reflection I need to start meditating again, keep my mental focus, and remain upbeat each and every day. Generally speaking, life is good in the big scheme of things, I’m very happy my e-books are done and should be available as I speak. The writing and creating process can be a long road to undertake.
However, life is full of surprises and often than not will put up a few curves here and there about something, life brings opportunity and challenges (keeps things interesting), which is needed for personal growth, but I relent that it really shows us how determine we are in the face of any adversity. We have to maintain our long-term goals, try to create the future that we need, and want. We need to also listen to the wind and the heart of wisdom. Having the vision to create what was not there before and the drive needed for the direction or canvas you hope to see is exactly why you should never let dreams fade away.
We must remember that we are on a journey with other souls too (family and friends) and I greatly want everyone enjoying the life of a “shared-experience” that is on a similar path. This Summer is that goal and well beyond into Autumn-Winter for 2012. Despite the hard economy and “slow-periods” in anything in our lives, we should instead enjoy even the least bit of paradise that is presented to us from the ultimate divine source to our happiness. Let it in and let the universe, God, and the your super-conscious mind work its magic for your happiness. It is never too late to start embracing everything and everyone. * Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. ~ John Wooden


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