Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Stages Of Spiritual Growth For Christians

Understanding the development and principles involved in becoming a Christian.

Spiritual growth for Christians is a combination of several stages of developing and understanding religious models of concept and spirituality. An individual must view the relationship of psychological and theological aspects. Some believe that a series of “crisis” experiences must be in the concept of spiritual development. These can happen in three stages:

1. Stage one: Salvation or faith.

2. Stage two: Entire sanctification. To be humble, gentle, have patients

and understanding to others.

3. Stage three: Sinless perfection. Freedom from sin.

Another view is in the “accepting Christ as Lord” that he is the salvation. After salvation is achieved one may be touched by the “Holy Spirit” at any time. This is a very uplifting and spiritual experience to have and behold. To sanctify is an old concept but an important one as it is to set apart for special use or purpose, to make something blessed and holy or sacred. To be this way in conducting oneself, acting, thinking in a humble-gentle manner, aspiring a close union with God, to reach a moral perfection as God is. Not just understanding how the loving God is (His holy aspect) but to live one’s life as He would want you to without hate or sin, and able to give patients and mercy. The Disciple's Joy: Six Practices for Spiritual Growth (Truth and Christian Imagination) (Truth and the Christian Imagination)

During the early development in preparation to becoming a mature Christian, one should have completed these concepts. Have a general awareness of the supreme being, awareness of the Gospel, have a positive attitude about the Gospel message, understanding the Gospel, and having a repentance, the ability to recognizing one’s own personal faults, and having faith in God.

The Christian life is not limited to the young and old, man or woman, Christian development can begin in the earliest of stages of life. Some individuals will mature faster while others are slower, neither age or time are hinders to development, each to his own pace and rate is understood. Becoming Christian will involve these concepts as one advances into becoming a mature Christian. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life Study Guide

1. Understanding the Word. Studying the Gospel, and reading the Bible.

2. Spiritual growth through prayer. Understanding the spiritual relationship

with God and hearing God in our prayers.

3. Having Faith. Believing in Him, having no doubt that God is there,

and will bestow mercy for those He has touched.

4. Holy Spirit. Feeling the need to act on God’s message and

loving principles, and Christian belief directing you to do

something and take action, to get involve, to help.

5. Spirituality. Experiencing your life in balance,

having a calm disposition, your mentally happy about who

you are, and your life with Christ.

6. Fellowship. Having a relationship with other Christians,

sharing faith, prayer, and experience.

7. Daily walk. Walk with the Father. Daily walk with God and

His principles. Knowing and understanding His messages. Having

sanctification of every person, place, and thing, one may

encounter every day.

Other spiritual growth importance is to know the scriptures and understanding who Jesus was. Having spiritual maturity helps to withstand the daily turmoil of the world. Joining a church or Bible study class or group will certainly help. Having good Christian service, God’s plan is that we are all his “workmanship” and created to do good work. In this stage a Christian knows that God has prepared for him or her an act of service of good to be done in God’s name. The act of service in selflessness leads toward a more mature spirituality. Even with good service, we are not totally reliant, there will be setbacks, frustration is common when progress is slow or hindered, but God is there reminding everyone that yes, you still need Him, and believe in Him, and it will materialized. Having faith in Him is key. Teaching for Spiritual Growth

For proper spiritual growth as a Christian you must first start off as a seeker of truth. Avoid pride and egotism. Become a peacemaker, learn about the Christian belief, change your behavior and conduct. Grow a communion with God and establish an understanding of faith. Know that even with experiencing many trials and adversities can actually help you to change and transform you into a better servant of the Lord. All this is essential for obtaining spiritual growth for Christians. Journal Keeping: Writing for Spiritual Growth



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