Saturday, May 15, 2010

User Friendly Gadgets

When gadgets become more helpful and technology actually works for us.

As innovative technology changes every year with new and improve devices hitting the market. Some gadgets actually turn out to benefit the user much more than say others. From simple stylizing to renewable energy sources, clever gadgets are made to help us rather than hinder us in our daily lives. Here is a brief look at a few.


Ever wanted a germ-free keyboard? As many computer users know there are potentially all kinds of harmful bacteria on keyboards that go untreated everyday. Cleankeys, Inc. has just designed a touch-sensitive, germ-free, keyboard to help reduce the amount of germs that accumulate. The Cleankeys is resistant to staining and splashes. The surface is flat, smooth, with unique keys underneath the glass that have a high sensitivity to the human touch. Cleankeys has a built-in track pad and numeric keypad. Making cleaning a snap and more germ-free than average keyboards. (Price: $400.) Check out site: and tags under “germ-free” keyboards.

Freeloader Pro Solar Charger.

The Freeloader Pro is a very versatile solar charger capable of powering all your portable electronic devices, at any time any where with help from the power of the sun. The compact charger is made from tough aluminum and has a cool-looking black finish, equipped with high power solar panels that charges up its internal battery pack. The Freeloader Pro gets nearly 9hours of full charge in full sunlight and/or from USB cable. The Freeloader Pro is capable of supplying power to mobile phones, digital camera batteries, MP4 players, Xbox 360, eBooks, and portable DVD players. The Freeloader Pro is perfect for travelers who are on the go and in a constant state of being mobile while under the daily sun. Retails for $79.95. Free Loader - Portable Solar Charger

Tokyoflash Escape C Bluetooth Necklace.

Tokyoflash has designed a new Bluetooth gadget that connects over thirty feet away and can be used with iPhones, music players, mobile phones, and iPod Touch. The necklace design is great for people who want to free up their ears and hands in a fashionable unobtrusive style. Tokyoflash Necklace has an integrated microphone and can be connected to headphones. Price: $110. For more insight into this device go to:

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad by designer Umang Dokey is a concept idea based on their iPhone OS. The Apple iPad based tablet is for Windows Phone 7 and features an 8 inch screen, webcam, scrolling joysticks for gaming and searches, shoulder buttons, and a rear kick stand keyboard. An interesting idea as more iPhone-like tablets are set to be release soon in various sizes, and more trends move in the direction of the iLounge. Another possible future trend is of course a favorite, is the fully loaded touch screen coffee table PC with all the Apps you want. Apple iPad Tablet (32GB, Wi-Fi)

Microsoft Surface Touch Screen Coffee Table

Microsoft introduced the coffee table touch screen computer back in 2008. The Surface touch-sensitive interactive coffee table computer is making its mark by responding to natural hand gestures and real-world objects, including mobile phones, digital cameras, and business cards. The coffee table computer can display Google maps, play games, music, great as a leaning tool and book reader. Microsoft has been selling these machines world wide at a price tag of about $20,000. Most commonly used in the United States at hotels and restaurants for customers services such as ordering food and entertainment purposes.

Epson has developed a touch screen coffee table, the X-Desk. Honestly, this writer wishes the major companies will produce a more home-style, cheaper cost, version of the touch screen coffee table for the average household user. This is a totally urban futuristic device that one would easily see in every science fiction film ever made of future living made easier and fun. Making Star Trek technology come alive and fully functional today.



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