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The Mystery of Human Evolution (Part Two)

There is a growing mystery concerning human history and human evolution. There seems to be far more ancient cultures that existed before the Egyptian culture over 5000 years ago than previously thought in mainstream science.

But the technology and the skill in this short amount of time of human history doesn’t make sense to some in the scientific community who say there are artifacts and anomalies that are so advanced that we today in the modern world of the 21st century AD can’t reproduce. Ancient cultures from all over the world seem to have a connection with building huge monolithic structures, pyramids, and temples. Stonehenge has been discovered to be older than 8000 BC and that too is an anomaly.

The mystery deepens when you discover ancient cities like Machu Picchu build around 1400 AD nearly 8,000 feet above sea level and constructed of massive stone blocks. There is no conventional means of reproducing the precision construction of stone slabs that not only line up with the equinoxes, but weigh tons, and to transport them up the mountain from a quarry below is still impossible today.

Another ancient city is Tiahuanaco in Bolivia that has incredibly high-engineered structures and temples. The monolithic structures at Tiahuanaco are an eerie reminder that has scientists baffled by its almost high-tech construction as well as having carved images of animals thought to have lived over 12,000 years ago. Tiahuanaco could be one of the oldest cities ever constructed and no one knows who built it.

Here is a time-line: A brief list of ancient people and their civilization as scientists believe them to be:

1. British Empire, 1700 AD

2. French Colonial Empire, 1600s AD

3. Aztec, 1400 AD/Spanish Empire

4. Inca, 1200 AD/Mongol Empire

5. Toltec, 900 AD

6. Mayan, 250 AD

7. Persian Empire, 550 BC

8. Roman Empire, 700 BC

9. Olmec, 1400 BC

10. Shang Dynasty, 1700 BC

11. Greeks, 2000 BC

12. Bronze Age, 3000 BC

13. Sumerians, settle near Caspian Sea, 4,000 BC

14. Egyptian, 5000 BC

15. Neolithic Era (Stone Age) 8,000 BC

16. Cro-Magnon, 35,000 BC

The Bible speaks of human creation only a few thousand years ago and the Mesopotamians date human culture starting back at 5,000 BC. But archeological discoveries and recent studies have proven that a few million years ago ape-like humans started evolving and developing culture, and some even claim that early civilizations started forming as far back in history beyond 8,000 years ago. But which is the true history?

The Bible states that all of creation merely happened 6000 years ago and that all other life found within the Earth never existed. The fossilized remains of ancient life such as dinosaurs and of ancient people are reminders that life of every kind and complexity is constantly evolving on the Earth. Some in the scientific community believe that human culture has actually existed far older than the Bible and even older than paleontologists agree on. The debate rages on as new discoveries in ancient hieroglyphics and stony temples and massive monolithic structures present historical problem for historians.

Another interpretation is a miscalculation of both timelines presented by the Bible and scientist today. Creating the Earth in six days could actually be a metaphor for creation happening over tens of thousands of years. In geological time the Earth itself is a few million years old and the human race seems to have only been here a few thousand years ago as told in the Bible, but as odd anomalies and ancient artifacts keep getting discovered, the real timeline in human history will have to be rewritten.

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